West Philadelphia: Young Fathers United Graduation

After 13 consecutive weeks of parenting education, this video shows the small graduation ceremony held by IDAAY’s Fathers United Program to recognize these young fathers for completing the course.  fg from Sharee Cole on Vimeo.  

Stop the Violence

In the video below, a non-profit organization known as IDAAY, hosted a small competition in Philly to see who would open up for Gillie Da Kid at a benefit concert on Nov. 18th to promote ending violence. Stop the Violence from Sharee Cole on Vimeo.  

Millenials In Action

As the 2017 primary election approaches, Millennials in Action (a political activist group), as well as members from IDAAY, took to the streets with some of the candidates running for office, to urge and encourage people to get out and vote.

North Philadelphia-(PAAN): Committed to ending violence and drug abuse in our communities

The Philadelphia Anti-Drug/Anti-Violence Network is a non-profit agency located in North Philadelphia that seeks to tackle some of the leading problems in our communities such as drug abuse and violence within our communities. Their mission is to transform the lives of many of the children/adults, here in the city through “the development and implementation of programsContinue reading “North Philadelphia-(PAAN): Committed to ending violence and drug abuse in our communities”


  Below is a short documentary that gives viewers a peak of what it is like to be a member of one of the programs IDAAY offers known as “Main College Bound Program.” This program provides students with college preparation skills, life skills, and mentoring.   Sequence 11 from Philadelphia Neighborhoods1 on Vimeo.

West Philadelphia, Part I : Serving and Empowering At-Risk youth

The Institute for the Development of African American Youth (IDAAY) seeks to empower and serve at-risk youth through a variety of different programs. Some of the organizations programs include a Main College Bound program, Don’t Fall Down in the Hood, Father’s United, and Intensive In-Home Supervision just to name a few. The founder Archye Leacock,Continue reading “West Philadelphia, Part I : Serving and Empowering At-Risk youth”