Profile/Interview with DJ Damage (celebrity DJ)

Current host on Sean “Diddy” Combs network Revolt TV and Temple graduate, Dj Damage, proves just how hard work and DJ+Damage+REVOLT+TV+First+Annual+Upfront+Presentation+kdCelLkGf72ldedication pays off. At only 25, Damage has made a name for himself in the music industry by working with some of the biggest names in the business such as Meek Mill, Wiz Khalifa, and currently Diddy.

Born and raised here in Philadelphia, DJ Damage aka Abdul-Quddas Muhammad began mixing as early as 11 after realizing that pursuing rapping like his brother was not the path for him, according to an interview by Matt Hassoun. By the time Damage reached High School, he was reported to have already begun generating buzz and gaining attention from those in his city. Majoring in Broadcasting Telecommunications and Mass Media, Damage headed to college where he joined Temple’s WHIP radio station and from there, the possibilities were endless.

Djing for some of Philly’s top radio stations, making appearances on 106 and Park, and to his current hosting job on Revolt TV, Damage has definitely accomplished a lot in such a short amount of time. Getting the opportunity to reach out to Damage, I was able to gain a new perspective on how he handles his new fame. He agrees that most people lose themselves in the industry but he manages to stay grounded stating, “It is very easy to get lost. There are tons of factors that contribute to it. First factor is not truly knowing ones self. To be an entertainer, you must know what you stand for or you will fall for anything. It’s the fast lane and it is full of material poisons. I stay grounded because I stick to what makes me “me”. I refuse to compromise my integrity for fame. I am also aware that everything can be gone tomorrow and it humbles me”. Damage is not only humbled, but he also does not pretend as if the transition from radio to hosting came naturally to him. “It was a pretty good transition. I have live experience, which helps with live television. However, I did have difficulty reading on camera. It was a great learning process switching lanes.”

Damage admits that as a student of broadcast media, he always wanted to transition into being in front of the camera. Being in front of the camera however changes everything for a person. With the new fame, comes a new image that a person must uphold depending on their craft. Damage gives some insight on his opinion of fame and friendship stating, “In entertainment you grow out of old friends. I am from the inner city and some of my old friends are not necessarily good for my image. People change around you when they start viewing you in a bigger light. They sometimes become opportunist, and that can be troublesome. However, with being an entertainer, you gain new friends that understand the lifestyle and can relate.”

In a tweet on January 25, 2015, DJ Damage (@TheRealDJDamage) offers encouragement to those wanting more out of life, writing, “sometimes all you need is consistency. Find something you love to do and stick to it. I mean that’s what I did. Followed my dream”.

Is it Technology or Entertainment?

Is technology taking over the entertainment world? Not sure about all technology but cellphones are becoming more and more popular for other uses besides talking.

Smartphones all over has had a huge impact on society. Especially with the release of new iPhones and Androids every year including more enhanced features than the last, there is no wonder people can find all the fulfillment they need in just a phone.

Inside RadioShack (Near Broad and Oxford)
Inside RadioShack (Near Broad and Oxford)

From watching movies on Netflix, to shopping, to playing games or even staying current on the news, almost anything you can think of can be done on your phone. Younger people tend to gravitate more to using their phones for social networks but that is still considered a form of entertainment.

In a study done on a college campus, researcher Esther Swilley found that, “a majority of the participants said they are attached to their phone because of its functionality as an entertainment device rather than as a tool that can communicate anytime and anywhere…games are the most downloaded application for cellphones, according to app stores.”

Wanting more evidence, I took the time to speak with sales associates in stores such as RadioShack and T-Mobile. Stephen Gamele from RadioShack gave me his insight on the preference of cellphones and how the release of the 6 may have influenced sales.

“There is a preference but it just depends on the type of style a person wants. Apples advertising hypes up the actual phone but there has been a decline in sales for Androids since the release of the 6. I personally would recommend the Android as far as entertainment purposes are concerned since they have a lot more free apps and more leeway in downloading them,” Gamele said.

Sebastian Dicoupe, a two year Sales Rep. at T-Mobile also shares similar views about cellphones. “The release of new iPhones is like buying new Jordans. People are buying the 6 more and although I would recommend the iPhone 6 or LGG3 for entertainment purposes, Androids allow you to do more. They allow more internet access, free downloads and more customization while with iPhones everything is more restricted,” said Dicoupe. When asked the order in which he feels people buy technology from most to least, he simply stated, “Android phones first, then iPhones, followed by Android tablets and iPads last, more so for price reasons.”

What people consider entertainment is constantly evolving. It does not even have to be an iPhone or an Android. IPads, tablets, or even game systems such as Xboxes or pS4s have taken on a life of their own. Never mind real entertainment like musicians and comedians, technology is quickly growing to where one device can be your GPS, alarm clock, and music player all in one.

As a society, we have to stay in tune and evolve with the technology. We also have to remember though, that there is a life outside of the electronic world. Yes our phones are a cool distraction for now but we do not want to forget the purpose of the phones in the first place which were mostly for communication purposes.


Source: ScienceDaily